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Because everything shall fit into dreams!

When we were drawing our dreams, a dream world arouse from our drawings as a project consists of a dream word including 724 residences and 52 street stores. Colorful, lively and enjoying…

With different apartment types from 2+1 to 4+1, a dream world that addresses to families first… From 4 storeys mansions to 28 storeys towers; 724 apartments which of each is full of big dreams…

Even it is called apartment for places where we live, they are our dreams where we actually live in!
What describes you is the location where you stay in your dreams…

Go everywhere easily...

You could go to Atatürk Airport or 3rd Airport in 15 minutes, to Yavuz Sultan Selim from Northern Marmara Connection Road in 20 minutes, to TEM Highway in 1 minute or to İstanbul by metro which you could reach by walking… It is the biggest dream of everyone who live in İstanbul. Of course it is beautiful and wonderful to live in the center of the life! But, the most beautiful and most wonderful thing is to live in the center of your dreams! Just as in Ebruli Ispartakule…
What else do we have to trust in other than our dreams?

Life becomes meaningful when you are aware of tenths of privileges presented to you. You will understand that privileges are not far away from you when you find a parking area for your car easily or when your children runs around freely in verdant gardens!

The only truth/reality of Ispartakule that consists of dreams is Ebruli, isn’t it?
All Dreams Gather in a Square!

Let’s push your dreams a little bit! Your house has a square with street stores around and you could find everything you need in those stores. Square is lively! In the park which is 6.000 m2 with trees and fountains in it, children are happy and playing well in open air which is closed to traffic! Everybody enjoy themselves, everybody is happy!

When you shall come to Ebruli, you will decide which is better; to make a dream come true in the life or to make life into a dream?
Nothing Could Block Dreams!

Of course there is a reason why Ebruli Ispartakule is located just beside the Spradon Ancient City. Since there is an archeological site in front of it, it is impossible to build up any project in front of Ebruli Ispartakule! You shall never lose the horizon that you see now from your Windows and that takes you to your dreams.

When Ebruli counts in; neither dreams nor scenes shall end up!
Sometimes Life Gets Inspired of Dreams…

Life in Ebruli Ispartakule is just like that!

You live as you wish in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or children’s bedroom. Sometimes you fall asleep and go to the sky in your dreams, sometimes you go to the past as being a child with your children. What you have in your dreams, comes true in your real life!
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