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Güzel Group, which initiated its business activities in 1965 within food industry, passes 50 successful years in construction, tourism, real estate, industry and licensed storage for agricultural products industries.

Güzel Group, which always aims one step further, entered into agricultural products and fertilizer industry at the beginning of 90’s.

That journey which was started with little steps, continued with bigger, stronger and firmer steps.
And the new breakthrough would have been flour factory that was established in 1998.
With flour factory including modernism, hygiene, advanced technology and quality inside, limits of the industry had been exceeded and the Company pushed to the first rank of the industry.
The first construction project that was realized in Konya as Medeni İnşaat in 2010 followed the step taken for tourism and licensed storage industries in 2009 in İzmir under the name of Ege Yıldızı A.Ş.  

Now, it is time to take the biggest step towards the center of the World….

In 2013, Sıtar Inşaat Company was established in İstanbul.  

With the assurance of Emlak Konut; giant and great investments such as 959 residences (Bahçekent Flora) and 260 offices/commercial units started to be arisen one by one such as the biggest open shopping mall of İstanbul (Cadde Flora). Now, Sıtar İnşaat continues its activities towards the top of industry with a great investment in construction sector with 724 residences and 52 commercial units to be constructed under the project of Ebruli Ispartkule in Ispartakule that is the center of the life.
In its journey more than 50 years, Güzel Group, which accepted the transparency and quality as their own duty; accorded to international Standard in all activities and prioritized human and environmental health and paid regard to continuous development process.

Sıtar Inşaat, which is within the scope of Güzel Group, continues producing areas that make life beautiful and taking firm steps in the journey of quality.


From 1981 when it was established to now; Aslan Yapı, which follows up the developing technology in a closest manner without diversity of its focus on human on the journey that started with the principle of growing with quality, establishes trust relationship with its customers and business partners and continues its business activities with an approach towards permanent solutions for problems arising from changing world.
Aslan Yapı, took its activities in the domestic market to foreign markets and came out of many projects in foreign markets in several foreign countries and cities such as residence, educational and sports areas, shopping malls, bridges, subways and energy facilities as smelling like roses. In ENR (Engineering News-Record) Lists stating the first biggest 250 international companies, Aslan Yapı is within the first biggest 200 companies of the world in 2013-2014-2015 and 2016 lists. As well as construction activities, Aslan Yapı made investments in industrial, agricultural and energy industries with its group companies in both domestic and foreign markets such as Cement Factory, Plaster and Sheetrock Wall Equipments Facility, Agricultural and Stockbreeding facilities.

In this process, during which 40.000 residences on an area of more than 4.000.000 m2, educational and health centers on more than 250.000 m2 and contracting works such as office and shopping malls; some of our projects are as follows that we constructed as Aslan Yapı or with our partners:
  • Ankara / Vadi Homes,
  • Beytepe / Beypalas,
  • Residence Projects in Algeria (30.000 residences)
  • Ankara / PTT Göksu Homes (1.900 residences)
  • Bayramoğlu Mixed Use Project  (5.000 residences, commercial areas)
  • Bodrum Homes (500 residences)
  • Sapanca Mansions,
  • Bağdat Street Mixed Use Project  

And the project as we started with this huge desire;

  • Ispartakule / Ebruli Homes (724 residences and commercial units)

Aslan Yapı continues its activities with the aim and excitement of preparing a beautiful world to next generations with the sense of green environment and modern urbanization and contribution to wealth and happiness of the society.

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